Is my boyfriend too rough with my dog? And how do I get him to understand my dog better?

I have been dating my boyfriend for about a year and a half. He spends almost every weekend at my place. Our relationship, like any other has its fair share of ups and downs but I have always been happy with our ability to talk through our issues. In the case of my dog, it seems to be a different story. I feel like we are in a never ending battle when it comes to her. My dog has had anxiety issues since I adopted her from a shelter three years ago. She tends to show aggressive behavior with other "dominant" dogs, and when she feels threatened at times when food is present. The biggest issue with my dog and my boyfriend is that he likes to play with her as if he is another dog. She seems to like it but then also seems nervous at the same time. And she cries when he touches her even if he isnt being rough. When it comes to training, my dog has improved 100 percent due to interactions with my boyfriend. She has learned to obey on walks and when let off the leash. She still will not obey me most of the time so I look at his training as positive. When she cries he gets irritated with her and I get stressed because I want to protect her but also do not want to be too controlling with my boyfriend. If anyone has any advice or has witnessed something similar I would appreciate your feedback. I am not sure what to do next.

Asked by Member 1149920 on Jan 14th 2013 Tagged anxiety, aggression, fear, play, boyfriend in Behavior & Training
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Tony Hernandez

Hi. It sounds like your boyfriend is playing the role of aggressive male dog with her. Advise him to start behaving like a concerned master, a leader. She behaves better with him due to fear, but then cries when he touches her sometimes. You also need to assure her that you can care for her. Take her on walks by yourself, keep her close and have a determined pace on the walk. The three of you should be able to get along. Ask boyfriend to lay off the intense playing until she has more trust in you. Control your dog AND your boyfriend by insisting they respect each other's needs. Good luck

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