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Is Lassie Natural Way a good dog food? How much does it cost? Thanks!

Asked by Daisy~The Angel By My Side~ on Feb 2nd 2008 in Pet Food
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Gray Dawn Treader

As you know, I use Lassie Natural Way and my dogs are in VERY good health.

Gray Dawn Treader answered on Feb 2nd.

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I personally am not a fan of Lassie Natural Way b/c it's primary ingredient is grain (rice). I think the primary ingredient of any "good" dog food should be meat. I am a huge fan of raw feeding, and consider that to be the most premium food available to a dog (it's available in pre-made versions, so convenience is not an issue). However, it can be relatively expensive if you choose the pre-made route. Something to keep in mind when it comes to cost of dog foods though: usually the more premium diets cost more per pound, but you will find that you feed much less. You will also notice fewer health issues, so in the long run, a raw diet is much more inexpensive than any other pet foods.

My second recommendation would be a raw-based/grain free diet (I like the Nature's Variety brand, but there are several others out there to choose from). Another pup posted this fantastic site regarding dog foods www.dogfoodanalysis.com It's a great resource for evaluating all the different foods.

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I answered this question already when you asked a similar question below. Read up on all the different dog foods on the market on www.dogfoodanalysis.com.

Layla answered on 2/2/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Lassie Natural Way is not a top of the line food, but it certainly isn't the worst. The first ingredient of the food is chicken meal, which is a lot better than just plain chicken. The weight of plain chicken includes it's water content, so there isn't actually that much meat. Chicken MEAL is the dry weight of the meat, so there is more meat.

Unfortunately, there aren't any more meats listed in the ingredients, so it's a very grainy food. Dogs are carnivores, so they need lots of protein from animal tissue to thrive.

I think Lassie Natural way is the best food you will find in a grocery store, but you could do a lot better for about the same price. Do you have a local pet store? Some good brands of food are Canidae, Solid Gold, Natural Balance, and Wellness.

And of course, you could always feed a raw or home cooked diet if you are willing to do the extensive research and calculations. It takes a lot of work, but once you've got it down, it's worth the work!

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Lassie Natural Way doesn't sell in Canada so I would need to see the first 10 ingredients. Typically read the lable. You want in the first 4 ingredients two meat proteins -- NO MEAT BYPRODUCTS -- Something like lamb and lamb meal or Chicken and Chicken Meal. It's true saying just chicken can mean it includes water weight but it could also mean it includes the whole chicken beak, feathers, and all as long as it doesn't say by-product beside chicken. And, chicken meal also includes ground up bone and stuff but again not by-products. Grains are fine what is preferable is wheat free. But no brewers yeast or brewers rice again it's byproducts. Look for whole grains. White rice, brown rice, barley, whole rice. I'm extremely picky about what I feed my dog and homemade diets have their place for dogs who have severe allergies or digestion problems, but commercial diets include the vitamins and minerals we can't at home. I feed taser California Natural which is made by Innova.

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