Is it wrong to keep my Patterdale terrier on a lead when out walking?

He used to come back when I called, but recently has started ignoring me when I whistle, even when I have treats. I'm starting to get angry at having to wait for up to an hour for him to come back, but know to welcome him and not show anger.
He's so energetic and strong-willed that I always hoped that by letting him run free he would tire himself out as well as enjoying himself and getting the opportunity to dig, but I'm starting to think that I'll have to keep him on a lead. If I do this, will he still get all the exercise he needs? As I have some mobility problems, I can't walk for miles and miles, so that's not an option.
I'd be very grateful for any advice. Thank you.

Asked by Member 1090387 on Feb 7th 2012 Tagged exercise, recall, leash in Leash Walking
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Bruno CGC

For his and everyone else's safety, it's best to keep him on lead. He is probably trespassing on other people's property, and could get hit by a car if he crosses roads. I disagree with the previous poster's advice that ALL dogs should always be on leash, but in your case, if he's running off and not coming when called, he needs to be contained.

I also disagree with using a retractable leash for a strong, fast, untrained dog. He could run out the end of it and rip it right out of your hands.

Probably the best situation is to walk him on leash daily as much as you can, and several times a week take him to a FENCED area he can run free in in, like a dog park, farmer's pasture, school ballfield, etc.

Also, is your mobility too limited to ride a bike? Biking with dogs is GREAT for burning energy. It takes a little coordination, but the payoff is great- I can bike further and faster with a lot less effort than on foot.

You might also consult a trainer about improving his recall.

Bruno CGC answered on Feb 7th.

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You should keep your Dog on a leash at ALL times unless it's in a confined area like a Dog Park !

Even with "obedient" animals, there's always a chance of them getting hurt, or hurting someone or another Dog, IF you can't control them with a physical attachment.

IF you're not safe, you could be VERY sorry !

1) Get a "Retractable" Leash (25' or longer) to let it run back and forth.
2) Get a "Walking Stick / Portable Seat" where you have some stability assistance while walking, and an immediate device to sit down on if you tire.
3) Get an inexpensive Wheelchair, and tie the Leash to it. It's possible your Dog may be able to pull you along, but that's not the idea. You'll also get some exercise from rolling the chair along yourself, be much more rested as the trip passes, and possibly able to extend the time period because of the Chair.

Don't use a Collar to restrict it's movements, that may damage it's throat and cause it harm.

SNEAKERS answered on 2/7/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I agree, do not let your dog off leash unless you are at home or at a place you know the dog will not get in trouble. This just not only protects you from anyone saying your dog did something, but protects your dog from others.

Kazba answered on 2/9/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer