Is it possible to give gifts to someone's Dogster Family, all at once, instead of having to go to each dog's page?

I have received gifts given to my entire Dogster Family and when I'd like to give gifts back to the giving Dogster Family, it seems the only way I have been able to do it is to click on each dog separately and give one gift at a time. I'd like to send a gift to every dog in that family, all at once!

Asked by Tucker on Apr 16th 2013 Tagged dogsterfamily, gifts in Zealies & Gifts
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There is!
First off, make sure the pups are either in your corral or are pals.
Then, when you click to send a rosette, Step 2, click Add/Edit Recipients. That opens a small area where you can click my family, my pup pals or my corral. When you see the pups you want to send gifts to just click their pictures and their picture should appear in the box. Be sure to click at the bottom to Continue when you are ready to finish your message.
Hope that helps.

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