Is it possible that my pomeranian is not a purebreed? she is not that fluffy.

I have a 16 week old pomeranian that i was told is puurebred, both parents were on-site and were pure bred. But my puppy isnt that fluffy. around her ears are and her tail is pretty fluffy, but her body fur is kind of short. im worried that maybe those poms that were suppose to be her parents wernt her parents. i have had poms in the past and they were all really fluffy. do you think maybe she is a mix? and if so, what do you think she is mixed with?
here is a link to see a picture of her. i couldnt figure out how to get a pic on here.

Asked by Member 1082791 on Jan 7th 2012 in Pomeranian
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That could be true, You never know, what i would say that i have a toy poodle but he looked different from his mother and father. It does not mean he is not purebred. I can't really tell you if he is purebred or not just from looking at his picture. You need to look at his records and make sure from is mother and father, also is grandfather and grandmother. And even a a little bit longer than that. You might find some more information. Also it could be puppy hair, back to my toy poodle example when he was a puppy he did not have curly hair he had puffy hair. But when he started turning towards 1 (around 7 months). He got his curl, maybe it is just baby hair. I hoped this helped.

Romeo answered on 1/8/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Some Pomeranians aren`t that fluffy. Your Dog coud be a mix with Papillon. But like I said, some Poms aren`t that fluffy and have what is calle a flat coat.

Charlie answered on 3/20/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer