Is it possible my dog is allergic to the new kitten in the house?

I have a new stray kitten in the house. He and my pointer/lab mix have gotten along great, but now my dog is scratching a lot and sounds as if she has some congestion and is coughing. I'm wondering if she could be allergic to the cat. I realize the cat could have brought fleas, but I don't think that is the problem and haven't seen any. The dog seems to enjoy playing with the cat, but I don't want it to affect her health. Any ideas?

Asked by Member 1069043 on Nov 7th 2011 in Allergies
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Did this stray kitten have any signs of upper respiratory infection? Runny eyes, sneezing, etc? There is a strain of bordatella that DOES affect both dogs and cats. It is quite possible that the kitten had it and gave it to the dog.
I would definitely get both the dog and the cat checked out by your vet.

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