Is it okay to crate one dog but not the other?

We resuced Maggey from a shelter. Our dog Riley has not been crated in months as she knows the rules. How do you go about crating one dog, but not the other? I did a trial today where I let Riley stay out in the main living area and I put Maggey in the other room in her crate. Riley could not go into the room that Maggey was in. Maggey barked and howled the entire time! Please Help! I am at my wits end!

Asked by Member 615326 on Apr 1st 2008 Tagged cratehelp in Adoption & Rescue
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Gray Dawn Treader

You ignore dogs when they make noises in the crate. They do it because they know it bothers you and they know that you will let them out. Don't. Don't even look at the dog in the crate. Eventually, she will figure out that you will let her out when you are good and ready, and she will stop.
Also, never leave her in the crate longer than 8 hours, if you can help it. And before leaving her in the crate for a long time, let her out to do her business, and when you get back let her out right away.
When you can watch her, there is no need to keep her in the crate. Also, never use the crate for punishment. Always make it a positive experience. When you let her out, praise her for what a good girl she is and give her a treat. I'd also suggest leaving the crate door open for when she doesn't have to stay in it. That way, she can get used to it and know that it isn't just for when you are gone. Feed her in the crate, toss her toys in the crate during playtime, and make it fun.

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To answer your actual question....yes, I think it's ok to crate one but not the other. She'll eventually quiet down after you leave her in there for a while.

Layla answered on 4/1/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer

Bam Bam

yes you can. we are crating our new puppy but not the older dog. just ignore the howling; she's trying to get what she wants and eventually will give up when no one responds to her. it may be difficult and seem cruel to ignore her but seriously it works.

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Yes, it's perfectly fine to crate one dog and leave one loose. My Weimaraner has terrible separation anxiety and has to be crated at all times when left alone. My mutt doesn't care when we come and go and gets free run of the house.

Are you sure that Maggey is crate trained? You can't just put a dog in a crate and expect them to take to it right away. They have to learn that the crate is a safe and positive place to be. Toss treats in there and praise her for going in, then gradually start closing the door for longer periods of time after doing so. You can feed her meals in the crate as well, as meal time is generally a happy time. As someone else mentioned NEVER open the door while she is whining or barking. Wait her out. You can try placing a blanket over the crate if she will not calm down as taking away a lot of stimulation can help.

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