Is it ok to feed a dog human food?

My family and I argue over if it is safe or not to feed our pitbull human foods.

Asked by gertrude on Feb 21st 2008 Tagged foods in Other Health & Wellness
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It depends on the types of "human" foods and the quantities. Some dogs' diets consist only of human-grade foodstuffs (if prepared to the liking of a human, it could be "human" food!), both cooked and raw. If your dog is fed regular dog food and you're just giving a few treats (some left over steak, chicken, etc, fruits and veggies, etc), that's fine just so long as it doesn't add unnecessary calories (ie: cause obesity). A few nibbles here and there are fine, but if you're dog is getting a left-over of half of a 2 lb steak, you need to take that into account at the next dog-food feeding (decrease the normal serving to compensate for the treat).

There are some foods safe for humans but potentially deadly to dogs. Chocolate and onions come to mind, but there are others. If you're ever unsure about a particular food, do your research and make sure it's safe for your dog.

Lastly, be cautious with excessively fatty foods, as they can often lead to pancreatitis.

answered on Feb 21st.

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Marlowe, CGC

Depends on the foods.

The big no-nos are NO chocolate, NO grapes or raisins, NO onions, and absolutely positively NO *cooked* bones. Also be careful of anything that has too much fat. What often happens is that the dog gets all the trimmings and skin from the human dinner meat and that's *all* fat and the dog can develop something called pancreatitis because of that.

You can give your dog cooked meat off the bone, or raw meat on the bone (bones when they are cooked become very brittle and prone to splintering which is very bad, but bones in their raw state are actually fairly soft and don't have such a propensity to splinter).

Just remember that if you're giving human food in addition to kibble, it still has calories and you don't want to make your dog fat.

Marlowe, CGC answered on 2/21/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Just dont feed him too much of human food and make shure it is not too unhealthy otherwise your dog could get sick!

Scooby answered on 2/21/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Roscoe the Racehound™

I used to give my dog human food, but I'e gotten out of that.
Most of it isn't healthy for them anyway. And because I have a beagle, once I got him started-it's hard to get him to stop.
At one point he decided he wouldn't eat his dog food anymore, only our food. That had to be stopped immediately. I'm content with giving him dog treats-it's healthy (not always) and it keeps him from begging, but not only that-with all the types and flavors of dog treats, why give him human food? Not giving him human food has kept his weight down and I don't have to worry about him getting diabetes and pancreatitis.

But, I do occasionally give him a carrot, or piece of apple. XP

Roscoe the Racehound™ answered on 2/22/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Pancreatitis, allergic reactions and toxicity have been covered well in the previous responses.

But, also I would add that feeding a dog human food simply isn't healthy, overall, unless what you are feeding the dog is something healthy, such as an apple slice, a piece or two of plain cooked pasta, white rice or a piece of broccoli, for example.

Trouble is MOST people don't feed their dogs these things. Dogs end up getting very unhealthy foods as treats.

Feeding bits of cheese or fatty meats or chips or crackers not only aren't good for your dog's digestive system, but will ultimately shorten the dog's life. Heart disease, artery clogging and complications from even mild obesity aren't things that are limited to human beings, unfortunately.

There are so many GREAT treats made especially for a dog's well being that there really should be no need to feed a dog anything unhealthy.

Jack answered on 2/22/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer