Is it normal for your dog to shake?

I got into a fight with another dog last week and just on Wednesday, I got into another fight. These dogs won't leave me alone when my mommy is walking me. My whole ear is messed up. My mom cleaned my ear, but just now, my mommy been noticing that I am shaking. Also, I won't get up to do anything. I am hurting and I'm going to the vet because my mom said so. She thought she could clean it but she couldnt. It isn't cold in my house either. It's very warm. So why am I shaking? Anyone have answers?

Asked by Yayo on Feb 16th 2008 Tagged vet in Health & Wellness
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Probably because he had a traumatic experience. It is normal for him to be nervous he might be realy scared about other dogs or maybe about geting hurt again. Maybe he is even scared of your other dog? Do they get along really well?

As long as he is not agressive it sounds like he is not agressive to me, then I would try to socialize him with other dogs. Try to find some nice, gental older dogs that will let yayo sniff them and investigate them without any sudden movements or playful pounces which could scare him. He needs to realize that not all dogs are bad, which might be why he is scared.

You could try to pet him and hold him and just try to ease the worry, some TLC might make him feel more confident and less scared again:)

The last thing i would suggest is just to be more careful on walks. Take him into more rural areas and aviod streets or neighbourhoods that you know hve dogs. If you see a dog coming your direction turn around and go another way.
Goog luck,hope he's ok

Frosti answered on 2/16/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Two main reasons that dogs shake besides being cold, are pain and fear.

I have a feeling that your dog's ear is probably causing him more pain that it might appear to you.

I'm glad to hear you are taking him to the vet. Any time a dog is injured in a fight, that dog needs medical attention, even if things seem minor.

Your dog is probably traumatized by being attacked twice in such a short period of time and is probably stressed every time he leaves the house. He's probably wondering if he's going to be attacked again.

I would strongly suggest you report the dogs who fought with your dog. It isn't okay that aggressive dogs are roaming your neighborhood. Reporting them for fighting and being off leash will cause a fine and an order to keep them inside.

If he were my dog, I'd drive him to a different neighborhood to take a walk for a couple of weeks. This way, you can help alleviate his fears and avoid these dogs until something can be done about them.

Good luck!

Jack answered on 2/16/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


The above replies are correct, except I'd like to clarify when to give TLC is key. When there are signs of two dogs interacting, tails low, wagging, sniffing reguarly - NOT hackles up, no "lip quivering", whiskers foward, tail raised up...that's when I'd use sweet praise.

I'm most interested in HOW these fights began. Was it in your unfenced backyard & your dog was out & about, on a walk in a park, through your own neighborhood...etc. Of course avoiding wherever is a must, but also: Same dogs? Any people present?

I noticed from your page that Yayo isn't fixed. Maybe that's why he was targeted. A male could alerted to Yayo if there's a female in heat & got aggressive for that reason.

We also took ONE scenerio, dog shaking...near other dogs. Another shaking, like hypoglycemia in small dogs when sick also happens. His lack of activity is most likely from infection/fever from the bite. I hope there weren't any rabies involved. After the vet visit you'll hopefully see a difference

Chloe answered on 2/16/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer