Is it normal for there to be some redness around the incision site?

My puppy got spayed at a few days over a year old, per the breeder's contract. The vet discovered a hernia during the spay, which he also corrected. Kate didn't really pay much attention to the memo about taking it easy after surgery; two days after she was playing as usual. To top it off, we had an 11" snowfall six or seven days after the surgery. She has been playing in the snow and licking the incision area a bit (we are at 11 days now) and the shaved skin is a bit red. She does not seem to have damaged any of the sutchers; her skin is just a bit red around there. The licking began when the snow fell the other night and, based on what the vet tech said, she could get the stitches removed in a day or two. Should I be concerned? Do I need to do anything? She doesn't seen to be in any pain.

Asked by Kate on Mar 23rd 2008 Tagged rednessatincisionsite in Spaying & Neutering
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Actually, it depends how bad it is. If it is a little pink or just a tny bit red, than you should watch where it jumps, runs, ect., but if it is really red, than it could be an irritation or an infection, then you should ee the vet.

I know you did not ask this question, but if this does happen, here is some advice. My dog's incisions were a little puffy around them and kind of pink. The vet said to just watch jumping, running, and ect., but if the swelling is bad, see a vet.

answered on Mar 24th.

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Gray Dawn Treader

Yes you should be concerned. Redness may just mean irritation, but it could also mean an infection.
Yes, you do need to do something: take her to the vet!
After a spay surgery, you shouldn't let the dog jump around too much for the next few days. Take her to the vet, and get an Elizabethian Collar (like a cone that goes over the head) so that Kate can't lick/bite the site of the incision.

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