Is it illegal to put a deposit on a puppy in Florida ?

Hi, we went to see a puppy we really liked. We asked the owner if it would be possible if we put a deposit down on the pup in order to hold her. He responded saying that this would be illegal in florida to put a deposit and if we wanted to have the puppy we would have to pay the full amount right away !

Asked by Member 1157574 on Mar 1st 2013 Tagged puppy, deposit, law, florida in Laws & Legislation
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i searched on and it might be,but there's also a chance that it isn't i really hope it isn't because that would be stupid have good luck i hope you get the puppy

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If any breeder anywhere said that to me without showing me a copy of the law I would run as fast as I could the other way. Sounds way too much like a ploy to get your money!! Is there any contract stipulating what happens if the pup dies or has a congenital defect discovered before it is old enough to leave the litter???? Also, what happens if that puppy turns out to NOT be the one you want? Most breeders take a deposit to reserve a pick, usually in the order they receive deposits, not on a specific puppy as they are usually too young to chose.
As for the law, if it is, in fact Florida law then plenty of excellent breeders are violating this law!!! Google only brings up hundreds of litter owners in Florida ALL requiring a deposit on litters.
I would find a more reputable breeder!! One who actually HAS a written contract and health guarantee and accepts deposits! Make sure they have also done appropriate pre-breeding testing and certification before breeding the parents as well

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