Is it bad to let dogs lovingly play fight? What can i do to reduce his general dog aggression?

Nushi is a 2 yr fixed male Am Bulldog. He has developed an aggression towards hyper/aggressive dogs. I got him homeless when he was 8 mo old. For the first year i had him, he didn't even care when other dogs messed with him. Earlier this summer, an intact pit bull was messing with him-kept stealing his ball. He kept accepting the taunting, but finally broke down fought. I had never seen him become so aggressive, and he did not seem to let it go. Since then, he has started fights w several other dogs and wants to jump in if he sees dogs fighting. Hes on leash now when we go out His changed behavior seems to coincide with the arrival of another dog in our house. Osha, is 6 yr fixed, female, former mother, pit mix. They get along splendidly and there is nothing but love and respect between the two. They love to play fight, and aggression never arises between the two. A behaviorist recently told me that I should not let the dogs play fight because its a way 4 them to train 4 a real fight.

Asked by Member 897673 on Oct 6th 2009 Tagged playfight in Aggression
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I have never seen a problem with that. Many of the monthly training sessions I attend for for those raising puppies for the dog guide school feature turning a dozen of them loose to play however they want. Once is a while it even includes an off duty working dog. While in training at school, they turn groups of 30 loose to play. No problem. Of course, real aggression won't be tolerated.

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Pamela and Pepper Play fight all the time as do Pepper and Snickers. If it gets to the point where it's not nice, or someone is getting cranky, or they are just too loud and I had enough - I say stop. And it does.

If you say stop and it does not, but continues to escalate you do have a problem and need to continue working with a behaviorist.

I know that human kids learn how to play nice and make up for mistakes when they hurt each other - dogs are no different.

I am not surprised the male is more defensive now that he has a "girl friend".

Pepper answered on 10/6/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Boyboy/Huang Zi

No, it isn't bad. Those play fights among dogs is one way of releasing their stored energies. This is common when dogs always remain inside the house,no other outlet but to play fight with other dogs in the house. That's why it's really important that you have daily schedules for your dog like walking with your dog during mornings and afternoons, go to parks or lakes with your dog for him to have an outlet for those stored energies.
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