Is black cohoch a safe and efficient method for herbal induced abortion for my dog?

I have a 9 month old pup in her 1st heat who mated with her father! We have 2 concerns: Deformities from inbreeding,and her size and age. Shes still really small and her breed mix is Boxer/Akita so the pups may be too big for her. We want to end the pregnancy which sucks but we may have found a way before shes pregnant! I want to know if black cohoch can stop her pregnancy before shes pregnant. They mated less than 24 hours ago. I Have read that I would give her this herb in tablets according to her weight today and for 4 days after ward. This should stop her pregnancy from "taking" since it was caught early and her heat should end in 3 or 5 days as well. Is this true/ safe and effective to give to her? we want to avoid spaying as of the cost and we may mate her in the future, just not with her father!

Asked by Member 1197595 on Nov 4th 2013 Tagged mate, accidentalmate, puppy, pregnant, youngpregnancy, abortion, herbalabortion, inbreed, heat, heatcycle, safe, dangerous in Pregnancy
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. You NEVER breed a dog until they stop growing. A big dog does not stop growing until 1-2 years. I would talk to your vet to see what they say. The humane society has good rates for spaying your dog. She could die if the puppies are too big. I just have to say are you ready to deal with all the cost of a dog being pregnant? Dogs can go through abortion and go to a lot of pain and sickness. They need to go to the vet twice as often as she usually does. Are you okay risk loosing your dog? Have you even looked into how to be a responsible breeder?

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