Is a rottweiler X german shepherd a good mix ?

My moms friend is a retired vet and he told me that the puppy i bought was a mistake. He said that it is a very bad mix because a rottweiler is less intelligent and loyal than a german shepherd and that i should have gotten a pure german shepherd instead. He feels she will be wild and uncontrolable she is 4 months now and is very smart and pays alot of atention to commands. Does anyone have any arguments regarding it ?

Asked by Asta on Mar 15th 2010 in Mixed Breeds
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Every Rotti/German Shepherd mix I have known has been wonderful!!! Interestingly enough, my favorite veterinarian owned one herself! They are very intelligent and seem to really want to please their owners. Don't worry, train her well and then show him what a wonderful companion you have. Good luck with her.

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I would venture to say your friend has no idea what they are talking about.

Kolbe answered on 3/15/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 7 Report this answer


I'm glad to hear that vet is retired because that's one of the most preposterous things I've ever heard. Both Rotties and GSDs are commonly rated in the top ten most intelligent dog breeds. To think that a cross between them would be wild and uncontrollable has no basis in reality. I've met several Rottie x GSDs and they've all been great dogs and I'm sure yours will be too. Like any intelligent dog, though, training is a MUST or it will certainly find ways to entertain itself.

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I've known 3 rotti/sheps & all were loyal, smart, loving, & fantastic dogs! As someone else said it is the training & upbringing that will make a difference. Remember 50% of all vets graduated in the bottom half of their class! You have a beautiful pup. Keep working with her & she will be a beautiful dog.

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I'm glad that this vet is retired and no wonder caring for animals because seems like has really biased opinions that don't make sense at all. Rotties are actually known to be very intelligent and have similar instincs that of a GSD. I actually know couple rotties/GSD mixes (its a popular mix) and both of them are extremely sweet, loyal and intelligent. It is up to you to train this pup as best as possible, they require a alot of training because they like to "work" so make sure you keep him busy!

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actually you can not judge on that matter of breeds.
It is how you raise the puppy and how the parents temperments were.
A rott is not the wildest thing on the planet.
And a german shepherd is more active then a rott.
I think you got a good combo and the dog is she nice?
Dogs are very smart you can start training puppy from the age of 3 weeks old.
You can use positive motivational training methods. Buy books that have this concept.
Socialize your pup now with good people and good doggies.
preferably dogs her own age.
Enroll in a positive method class and all is good. good luck.
p.s wild as you put it my dog was wild for the first 4 yrs of her life and still going strong.
She is a dog that I compete with.

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Any mix is wonderful! The best thing is, you get many breeds in one dog! How great is that?

Rottweilers are highly intelligent. They are also used for police work. They help track down criminals, and some are used for search and rescue. The Rottweiler is very loyal.

No, any dog can be wild, and uncontrolable. She has to be highly intelligent, loving, and loyal.

Check out these sites:

Every dog is different.

Who told you this? Because who ever did, they are very, very wrong, and should not say this if they are not experienced with the breed.

Your dog is a great dog! Take good care of her, love her, don't think of her as a "mistake", she is a great dog, and mean't for you!

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We had our Sparky for 11 wonderful years. He was 120 pounds of pure love. He was very loyal, loving, obedient, and smart. He was beautiful. He had the thickness of a rottie body, along with rottie ears and the markings of a german shepherd. The only problem is both breeds are prone to hip displysia. He lived with it for the last couple of years then the meds didn't work. We then knew what we had to do. He was one of the best dogs and friends our family ever had.

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rottweilers are one of the most intelligent dogs around and if socialized properly they are the biggest lovable and wonder dogs on the planet. the same goes for german shepards. I cant beleive a vet said rotties are dumb, that an oxymoron for real. You should check out the Rottweiler discussion forum some time and I am sure by now you have learned how false this information is.

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Wow, that person who told you this was a complete idiot! I've met two GSD/Rottie (they were litter mates and sooooooo cute!) mixes at our local dog park and none of them are "wild and uncontrollable" Not every dog conforms to breed standards or characteristics, so you cannot really predict what a puppy will be like solely based on the parents breed, even if she were purebred. Now, if for instance you know your pups parents then you CAN get a good idea of what your puppy's personality will be like. EVERY dog is "loyal", so don't fall for that! It all depends on how YOU treat the dog, then that is how it will turn out. Like another poster mentioned, just get Asta some type of training and she will be fine. I strongly recommend that the she learn a heel command. Rotties/Shepherds are powerful breeds so you want to get control of her leash pulling at a young age, because she will not be little for long! Asta is very cute, I'm sure you guys will be just fine!

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My rottie/German Shepard mix was the best behaved dog I've ever had. We got her a 6 months of age from the Humane Society. She would walk next to me with or without a leash (I didn't teach her that). Never went far from me in the yard and wasn't a barker...unless someone she didn't like got too close to me...which was only twice...both times very appropriate. She lived to be 14...old for a 95lb girl and I still miss her. Your moms friend doesn't know what he's talking about.
Rotties and shepards are a great mix as far as I'm concerned.

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Sampson - rainbow bridge

We got this Rot/German Shep mix from a shelter when he was 5 years old. He was obviously well socialized and was good as gold from the start. He loves, loves, loves everyone especially little kids and old people. We have had him for 4 years and many friends offer to "take him off our hands". No dice - we're keeping him and we might look for another when he is no longer with us. As you can see, he is 100 lbs of pure love. As a side note: he is so mellow, he wore that stupid hat for 4 hours and never tried to shake it off.

Sampson - rainbow bridge answered on 6/12/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I have a rott/shepherd mix that I rescued as a pup and he is now 15 years old! He's been one of the best dogs I've ever had. No problems whatsoever. Gets along great with children and other dogs. Doesn't care for cats, but if he had been raised with them he would probably be fine around them. Hope this helps. :)

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I own a dog of this wonderful mix. He is 7 yrs old now, had him since he was 2 mo. He's loyal, calm, funny, loves the kids and has never harmed anyone. He's grown into a mature, well trusted friend.

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I have a German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix named El Sol. I adopted him from the KHS when he was 3 1/2 months old, he is now almost 7 months! Smart as a whip, loving, obedient, knows many commands already. He's my heart and sun shine boy! I love his personality, so I'd say work with your puppy, love your puppy and watch him/her grow into a wonderful forever companion!

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I've owned both Rottweilers and GSDs and I've known many mixes. They are great dogs, both in their own right and as a mix. My dad's Rottie would lets us kids (I was 8 and my brother 3) hang on him and climb all over him and we never had any problems. My dad also worked as a K9 deputy and we had several GSDs in our house - they were also fantastic dogs, but they certainly all had higher energy levels than our Rotties. All of the dogs were incredibly intelligent, easily trained, laid-back dogs that even I could walk on leash as a small child. All of the mixes I knew were the same way. I do not wish to insult your mom's friend, but he is grievously uninformed and clearly inexperienced with either breed.

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I think it's really about socialization and training more than anything else. I met a friend's rottie recently... the dog is HUGE. He's easily the biggest rottie I've ever encountered and also the mellowest. This dog was with his owner at a high school reunion picnic (strangers, kids running around, food everywhere) and he not only sat quietly by his owner (or whoever was holding the leash), but anyone (kids, adults, etc) could come up to him and pet and hug him all they wanted.

All the rotties I've known have been super sweet and super smart!

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My rotti/gs mix is a wonderful dog, he gets along with my smaller dogs (schnauzers) and my older border collie. He is very intelligent and wants nothing but to please me. The only problem I have with him, is that he digs holes all over the yard.

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nah, rottweiler and german shepherd mix seems fine to me, she just might be a little over protetive because she's a mix of two gaurding dog breeds, but other than that she seems like a good dog to me.

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My friend has a rott germ shep mix and she is an extremely intelligent and loving dog. She takes more of shep looks. I believe any type of dog can be great it just depends on how u raise and train em!

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Most vets are NOT behavior experts unless the behavior is medically linked; and even then, some veterinarians are obviously better than others. Any high energy dog that isn't given a proper outlet for their energy or in some cases working drive will be wild and uncontrollable. Some breeds are notorious for being more loyal or more aloof, but all dogs are individuals and even amongst very well bred dogs of the same breed there is a large range in overall temperaments.

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We received a rott/german shep. from the shelter. He was 2 years old and lacked any type of training, and was very difficult to control during walks. Within about 6 months, the dog was as if he had been trained his entire life, learned very quickly, and was, until the day he died, the best family dog I have had. He was great with our cats and son, and was a kind loving soul. He looked very much like Asta. In our case, this was certainly a winning breed.

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i have one a female of 100 pounds/50kg& she is great
smart obidient she watch over me all the time
she is more atletic then rott & much more strong
than german s' i have cnaan dog aswell she is so much more obidient then him. also she is less dominat then pure rott.
she is great with kids ,people but allert when needed all in all she is great

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That's a good mix. There's no reason to have a problem. Let your dog meet other dogs and other people (socialize him). I have German Shepherds and they are protective, but I take them to the dog park where they get to play and socialize. They will only bite if you allow puppy biting. It's best to teach your puppy 'no bite' as soon as you get him. Just say 'no bite' when he bites or puts his mouth on someone. Let him meet other dogs in a proper setting.

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Sounds like a fine mix. Rotties and GSDs are both extremely loyal and great watch dogs. GSDs are 3rd smartest dog breed out there and Rotties are very intelligent as well.
What i will encourage you to do is while she is still a puppy do a lot of dominance exercises with her making it no question that you are in charge.
While these two dogs breeds are very loyal and great companions, they will assume the dominance role if they don't see anyone in the house as the pack leader. Irresponsible breeding has left these great breeds with some aggression issues. Nip all the unwanted behaviors in the bud early and you'll be very happy with your new pup.
(i am a dog trainer)

Dixie answered on 12/2/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Briarhook's Miracle of Mikayla

Rottweilers & GSD'S are among the top intelligent dogs, used for therapy/police/service work. You can't get more loyal dogs. It's all about training and maintaining your ALPHA status. Take her for several training classes - just 1 won't do -ck the AKC web site ( for their program for mixed-breed dogs. My Rottie was found in a dumpster at 1 day old - I bottle fed & raised her, and although everyone including my Vet said she'd never be a 'good' dog because she didn't learn from her mother or siblings, she's now 3 yrs old and has her Canine Good Citizen Cert. and 2 obedience titles from the AKC (we got her ILP so she could compete)and the most loving dog I've ever had. I put endless hrs into teaching her just who was in charge in our pack. Kindness, patience and consistancy were the key. Puppies, no matter what breed, are clean slates. She will become whatever you make of her. No matter what, NEVER give up on her!! email me if you need some :)

Briarhook's Miracle of Mikayla answered on 1/5/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I have 3 dogs, a Rottweiler neutered male, a Rotty/Kelpie neutered female (both from RSPCA) and a Tibetan Mastiff intact female. They are all well socialized, well trained and a joy to have in my life. My Rotty male is sweet, loyal and dependable but he is a bit dumb compared to a German Shepherd or a Bordie Collie. If you want Asta to be an obedience champion she may be a bit challenged but she looks like a sweet, bright and happy dog who will make you a great friend and companion for 10-12years; as for the critics; who cares.

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In my opinion, yes they do. I happened to have one many years ago and he was a wonderful, obedient and very smart.

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I have owned two rottweilers since 1993 and there is one thing that I have found out about rottweilers is that I would find it very hard to find another breed that is more loyal than my two rottweilers. I can take them off the leash for walks in woods and they will not go more than 20 or 30 feet away from me, as they stay close to me and never let me out of their sight. When is comes to intelligence I found they are one the most intelligent of dogs. I haved also talked to many other Rottie owners and they echo the same sentiments. Apparently, the retired vet never owned a rottie, or he did not know how to train it. If he did, I'm sure he would have another answer. My neighbor a few doors away has a large male german shepard, and I always see it on the road. One day I was walking my rottie on a leash and this shepard came after my rottie. My rottie turned growled and opened his mouth and went after the shepard. The shepard backed up and tripped over his back feet. Smart shepard!!!

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I have a 7 month old rottweiler/ german shepherd mix he is a great dog very far from dumb or uncontrollable.I have seen my two year old put her whole hand in his mouth and he didn't even care. he is a little slow but loves to play fetch and go swimming. he is a all round great dog!

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They are awesome dogs, intelligent and loyal. Less hip and skin problems and easily controlled if given consistent training.
All the best.

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AHHH, I beg to differ. We have a 6yr old female rotti. She is highly intelligent, was very easily trained, very obedient, and a great watch dog to boot!!! My husband really wants our next dog to be a rotti/shepherd mix. When we took our rotti for one of her first vet visits, the vet said she was very "mouthy" and could be a problem. What a joke!!! She is an excellent companion. Just know YOU have to be alpha dog with these breeds, show em whose boss!!

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they make a very good mix. I had one till she passed at the age of 12 and she was the most loving and loyal animale there is. Rotti's are extreamly intelligent she could open a dead bolt and door knob in 1 1/2 to get out when she wanted. She would listen to you in a heartbeat. You will find that if its something she/he wants to do really bad you may have to be firm but that goes with any dog. I have had both pure breed shepards and Shepard/Rotti mix and there are less health problems with the mixes than the pure breeds. I feel your mom's friend either just hates Rotti's for some reason or has never had the pleasure of watching them work. They are thinking dogs much like the german shepard just not as boistrus, Also given the choice to run after someone or wait for them to come to them they lay in wait while a shepard is running all over the place chasing. I think you made a sound choice just be sure to be consistant with training and what you want them to do or learn and they will

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I have a German Sheperd/Rottweiler mix. I also have a Rottweiler/Black Lab mix.. Daisy is 4 months old (my sheperd/rott mix) she's marked like the Rott, but looks just like the Sheperd otherwise. =) I love her to death. She's very loyal, and very intelligent. She's hyper, but that's the Sheperd in her.. You have to have a lot of patience to train either breed, I know I've got my work cut out for me being that I have a mix of the two.. ANY dog is a good dog with the proper care and handling. Enjoy your pup, I know I do mine. =) If you need any help or have any questions let me know, I'm more than happy to help since we both have puppies of the same breed and roughly the same age.

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Apparently your moms vet was never around a Rottweiler if he had been he would have known how intelligent and loyal they are. I've raised all our Rottweilers to stay in the house with us. I've had every puppy potty trained by the time they were 12 weeks old and every one of them follows me from room to room, this is an act of loyalty. Dogs are just like kids, it's all in how you raise them. If you don't correct them early in life they will be wild. But I think you made a good decision. Keep teaching her commands, at this age her brain is like a sponge she is trying to absorb as much as she can.

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Yes, I think raised right the combination should be it's own bread! My Rottie/german Sheperd mix, was the best dog I ever had! He was loyal, could take him any where's (walmart) and he would stay in the bed of the truck & not move. He never strayed from u when walking so he didn't need a leash, listened. Good with my daughter even though he was 9 years old when she was born, & never mean, never tried to bit anyone, good with our horses, bird, rabbets, ferret, cats, dogs & ferret, rabbits, bird, & cats ran loss in the house over the years! Good riding in truck or car on trips from Georgia to Kentucky, Kentucky to Texas, & Texas to Georgia. He loved Galveston, Texas & vacations on the beach. We raised him from a litter of puppies saved at the vet in 2000 I was a vet technician this man brought in his Rottweiler to be spayed cause she had been breed by a German Shepard we saved 10 puppies that was took 3 weeks early & bottle raised them. I kept two of the puppies & my last one BOYBOY die

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i have a rottieXshepard and shes 5 months old, and learning everyday, she knows most of the basic hand commands and she listens like a whip. Both breads are smart dogs, so put them together and you have a intelligent loyal friendly dog. Just be stern and your puppy will have no problem knowing your the boss :)

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I wouldnt listen to that. I have a german shepherd x rotti and he is one of the best puppies I have ever had and he is so smart. If you train your dog good then you will have an amazing and loyal dog. Good Luck

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Lycan Puppup VonDorky

HI there. My Lycan is German Shepherd/Rotti mix and she's brilliant. They are both strong willed. I haven't had much experience with rotties but have with German Shepherds and Lycan seems similar in temperament and desire to learn. She's a little head strong but nothing 'wild and uncontrollable'. Both breeds need a strong personality who is willing to be in control. I think if you give your pup what she needs, love, limits, rules, & stimulation she'll be exactly the dog for you. ;)

Lycan Puppup VonDorky answered on 5/16/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I have a 9 year old rottie/german shepherd mix and he is the best dog I've ever had!! He is extremely calm (or maybe he is just lazy in his old age) and very loyal and protective! He is extrememly smart as well... bordering on too smart for his own good. We rarely have him on a leash, he always stay close and likes to walk slightly behind us to "keep watch."

As a younger puppy,the only issue we had was leaving him alone. He hated being left alone and we had to get him used to being alone during the week without tearing anything. As a large dog, we didn't want to crate him all day. After we got past that, we've had no issues. We got him from a shelter though, so that may have been the cause.

He is very independant which can sometimes be frustrating because he likes to be in charge... if he wants to go left during his walk, just try to stop him!

Overall, they are great dogs!

Member 1035863 answered on 6/2/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I have a German Shepard rottwieler mix as well. She is 7 months and is a wonderful dog very smart, observant & obedient. Both parents were champion breed so it's an exact mix. The only behavioral problems iv seen so far is destruction & protectiveness(not by any means dangerous tho). Both those problems are negative traits from BOTH breeds not just one. The destructiveness is if she dosnt get enuff exercise or alone too long(that wuld b the owners fault, & can be corrected). & both breeds are bred to have protective instincts. I think it's a beautiful & great mix. I think ur vet was just speaking from personal preference not facts.

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DOn't listen to him!

Rotties have bad reputations, and if you don't train them right they will live up to that rep, but if you train them right with lots of patience and love she'll be a great dog! Congrats!

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Bizkit (In Loving Memory)

Our Bizkit is a Rottweiler/GSD and is the most gentle, loving girl as well as being very intelligent. We couldn't ask for a better dog than her. Hopefully your pup has shown you by now that this person was very wrong.

Bizkit (In Loving Memory) answered on 7/2/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I cannot describe to you how WRONG that vet was. We had a Rott/GSD and I swear to you, that was the BEST dog I've ever had, and that's saying something, considering the number of dogs I've had over the years. I've never had a dog so loyal, so loving, and so obedient in all my life. I only wish he could be here now. But rest assured, you made a wonderful choice in a dog.

Diesel answered on 7/17/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


We just got a 2 1/2 month old GSD/Rottie, after having her for 2 days, she's totally house trained, and walks perfectly on a leash, doesn't pull at all(never even having a collar on before). She also gets along perfectly with my 2yr old daughter! I am also glad to hear that the vet is retired. I don't understand how you could take the 3rd smartest dog on the top ten smartest list, breed it with the 7th or 8th (I can't remember which) on the list and end up with a bad dog! It just doesn't make any sense! I've had and trained German Shepherds before and the are AWESOME!! I've also been around several amazingly good rotties. Proper training and a good home-life make a world of difference!! Best of Luck :)

Member 1042769 answered on 7/29/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


the best mix ever i have one and she is the love of my life she is all you can get in a dog other than beeing strong all my friends say she is great and thay wish ther dog was like her .,dont lisson to that dumb vet of yours you scored on a friend for life

Member 1043225 answered on 8/2/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


My 3 year old Rottweiler, German Shepherd mix is the best dog anyone could ask for! He's smart, loyal, trained easily, not overly hyper but definitely enjoys his play time. He was never a chewer and he almost never had accidents in the house! He's our pride and joy! We've had him since he was 6 weeks old. The only problem we're having is that he is having hip problems. We've decided to take him to the vet cause he seems miserable. So watch her for that. I read that both breeds are prone to hip displacia

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I have met and owned many, many Rottie/ German Shepherd mixes. I'm sorry to say that the former vet was wrong. I was in your situation when I was 17 years old. I had a penthouse in Chicago, Illinois and went to a Rescue Shelter and I soon fell in love with Kipper a Rottie/ German Shepherd mix and paid the nice lady and took him home. He was very easy to train and I thought there was some sort of a catch to it. I then realized that I was dealing with a mix that were exact opposite breeds and I got kind of nervous. But in the end of all my Rottie/ German Shepherd mixes they all turned out to be wonderful.They were all very loyal, playful, and lovable. Have fun with your new friend!

Sammy answered on 8/5/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I totally disagree with that vet! I have a male rott/shepherd mix, hes a year and 3 month. Hes the sweetest dog Ive ever had, He loves people and kids. Hes super smart and listens really well. And hes absolutely georgous!!
The vet said that rottweilers are less intelligent and loyal then german shepherds, That is not true at all. Rottweilers are just as loyal if not more, they are also more intelligent. Tank, my dog, is very calm and very controlable and he hasnt even been nutered yet. So I totally dis agree with that vet! Alot of people are bias about rottweilers, they think that all of them are mean and agressive. My parents thought the same thing till he stayed with them for a week. Any dog can be mean and agressive, its just how the owner treats them and trains them.

Member 1049654 answered on 8/28/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Your mom's friend is an idiot. This is a fairly common mix, usually resulting in a pretty mellow temperament, but maintains a fairly high activity level. No harder to train than any other dog nor any less loyal. The added benefit, mutts often avoid the health/temperament issues often associate with purebreds.

Enjoy your new buddy, you have a friend for life.

Skye answered on 9/3/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I also have a GSD/Rott mix. She also has beagle in her. She is four months old and is one of the most loyal, obedient, intelligent dogs I have ever had. Obviously, your mom's friend must have had a bad experience or something for him to form an opinion like that.

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I have just bought a GSD cross rottweiler at 10weeks old and I had problems with him at the beginning. After taking some serious training classes, he is now listening and responding to his commands. Its a very loving and caring dog. Thank god your mums friend is retired now because whatever he said is SO NOT TRUE about this breed. It is a really friendly dog that gets along with the whole family including little children and other family pets (including dogs). God luck with your dog and she is a beautie.

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yeah, if you don't spoil it and train it well. mine is awesome! my friend...nope! spoiled brat!

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Honestly, whoever said that is stupid. I have a German Shepherd Rottweiler mix and she is amazing! Mine is still a puppy to, and we figured out the hard way that you REALLY need to train them asap but other then that they are great dogs! They can be very hyper and get excited easaly, but they are very very loyal and intelegent. This is also a good dog if you like to rough house. They are strong, so they are kind of hard to walk but they are friendly to all. That being said, if anyone broke into your house or tried to hurt you there is no doubt in my mind that she would attac head on. This is one tough cookie, but if you rais it right, it will know who is boss. Don't worry, just love her, feed her and never leave her and I'm sure you will have a wonderful time with your puppy. ;)

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Hello there, i own a very similar dog to your dog on your profile picture. He is on my opinion ( my dog ) a mix of a German Sheppard, and another German Sheppard mix. This dog is the smartest dog that i ever owned , he is a very calm dog with low-middle amounts of energy, he is calm indoors and playful outdoors, he know about 20 commands, i have trained it myself , and he is very easy to train due to his character to pleas my needs.

Also i have owned 2 Rottweiler’s ,and whomever said to you that this breed is stupid was completely wrong. Rottweiler’s are a working bread,police uses them to. Only reason why police uses more german Sheppard ,malinoa, and the Dutch Sheppard is because the are much easier to train, especially if you compare them to the male Rottweiler’s. Rottweiler’s are playful dogs, but they are very stubborn,they like to do everything their way, and require constant discipline,and if you manage that,you will have a perfect dog. Ppl usually mistake stubborn witt stupi

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He couldn't be more wrong! I've had a german rott mix for the past three years now, and there couldn't be a better dog. He's strong, very friendly, still runs like a cheetah despite his age, and is incredibly intelligent.
When he was little, he thought it would be funny to steal tools out of the garage and make us chase him for them. This did become a bad habit though, and now when he's having fun and you call him or chase after him, he won't listen. He's found hundreds of ways to get out of fences, so we have one of those shock collar perimeters around our property. It wasn't long at all before he realized he can sit at the edge and let the collar beep before the battery runs down and it won't shock him anymore. Not too long after that, he decided the shock wasn't even important and now runs right through it.
If you train any dog properly when they're younger (unlike us), they'll turn out to be a great dog. Especially this breed. And about loyalty? What dog isn't loyal?

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Mine is a cutie, but NUTS. His (Apache) body is more of thin medium-sized shepherd, colored like a rottie. He IS quite lovable. Wouldn't trade him for the world, even though he's the epitome of bad.

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I just had my rottie/shepherd put to sleep on friday. she was the best dog i ever owned and lived to be 13yrs old. I got her when she was 8 weeks. she was easy to train but as with any dog it takes alot of time and effort. she would go camping with us and never needed to be leashed. I would grab that pup up in a heartbeat!

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My Rotti Shepherd is 5 months old almost 40 lbs. and was very busy for the first 3 1/2 months. He is now calm inside and very affectionate and attentive. They need lots of attention and consistency. He is house broken and can sit, come, lie down on command. I have a 5 year old dog who was partially responsible for modeling acceptable behavior indoors!

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i have a gsd rottie mix aged nerly 2 he is very intelligent very loyal and protective i have twins girls aged 1 year and 3 months and he is brillient with them has never shown no signs of agression to any of us

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My sister's dog is a rott/gsd mix and I have always been willing to take him during their vacations,etc. He is good with other animals, but will not tolerate other dogs being aggressive with his master. He allows any person of any age to pet him. The only bark/growl that I have ever heard was the occasional late night walker (which I appreciate). He also has a lower energy level like me! Daily long walks are just fine for him. He is obedient, smart, and very loyal. Now as a child I was chased by rotts and bitten by a gsd. I would take the mix any day over my anecdotal experiences with the separate breeds.

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It never ceases to amaze me how someone with no personal experience always has an opinion, & usually one of no value. I've had 2 rottweilers over the years,and they were the perfect dog in every way. My wife & I now have a one year old cross shepherd/rottweiller. He is the calmest, most living and obedient dog we've ever had the privillage to know. He learns very quickly, is keen to please & does not have an aggressive bone in his body (unless circumstances demand his natural instincts to protect those he loves, just like any human being would do). Your mother's friend clearly does not know what he is talking about, and should be ashamed of himself for causing you to doubt your dog and your own instincts. Train your dog well, always be firm, but kind and fair, and she will repay you more than you could ever imagine. You have one of the best dogs you could hope for, and she will be as good as you are as her owner, friend and trainer. Good luck & tell you mother's friend, SHAME ON HIM!

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Bella Nala Clary

I'm a little late to the game here, but it is THE best mix, as I'm sure you've already figured out! My dog is the same cross, and for the first 2 years she was a delightful terror, but had since calmed down. She is EXTREMELY INTELLIGENT and very active. These dogs learn fast and they love you with everything they have! Good luck :)

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I have never liked dogs but my daughter received a rot/GS mix for Christmas 2 years ago. It is now my dog. I love her to death. Never seen a smarter creature anywhere. She seems to understand everything I say! She also appears to have a sense of humor! Greatest dog I have ever seen. Friendly, non-committal to my cats, very fast and loving. These 2 breeds have given me an awesome dog.

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I adopted my Rott/Shepherd three years ago she "Hazel" was a puppy, lol I found out how to care for her the hard way. She is always a ton of love and fun but often needs to be reminded that I am pack leader, not her; I keep the dominant position even during play. She has taught me a lot because I pay attention to what she may need. She loves to play with everyone, that's great but at times it's hard to get her out of pay mode. I do all I can to make her feel like family, she is very smart and protective of me. At three months old I had to carry her for a walk because she was too afraid to walk outside on her own, I encouraged her to feel comfortable outside & now she is happy to see her leash cause she knows this means we are going out! She is my best friend and I wouldn't trade her for anything.

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