indestructible toys???

i have a boxer and a pitbull who destroy all of their toys! all they have now is a toy box FULL of natural femur bones because they can chew on them all day long and they still last. When they were puppies they had a rediculous amount of toys & i wish they could have them again but i can find anything they wont destroy. rope toys= NO. Kongs= never gave them a try but other people i know with pits have even destroyed the black kong extreme. ive heard of some people using truck brake diagphrams?

Asked by Tyson on Jan 16th 2013 in Toys
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I agree with Obi. Koby has Jolly balls and they last the longest. He is able to chew them up after a while, but he has a blast with them. I've looked into Boomer balls, but they are too expensive for me. The antlers only last us less than a week, but they do last longer than any bone I buy.

Koby answered on Jan 17th.

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Jolly Ball and Antlers

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