imy 11 y/o eskie is going to have 2 teeth pulled, i was advised one will be very difficult because the roots are so stro

he will have two pulled a canine and molor and the xrays to see if anyothers will be extraxed. hes on antibiotics for 10 days now because of infection and heart murmer and his surgery is in 2 days. can anyone tell me what i can expect interms of swelling and beghavior? he's always eaten chicken and beef with carbs no seasoning but very fussy eater. I worry as a norm since i own him from when he was a 9 week old pup.
can you suggest foods that i can prepair for him and how long do they go without eating after this? The antibiotic must be taken with food so am even more worried.
please help
thank you

Asked by Member 1069277 on Nov 8th 2011 Tagged seniordog, teethextraction, whattoexpectaftersurgery, foodshelleat in Dental Care
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He should not go anytime without eating after this. He may need to eat wet food or soft food for a few days after the tooth extraction but overall he should be fine. If your doctor is telling you that he is going to need to go without eating then I suggest finding a new doctor. T am a vet tech and have experienced many tooth extractions and have yet to see a dog who is in so much pain that they will not eat.

Lucy answered on 11/14/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer