I'm new to Dogster I hope I'm posting in the right place, how can I post a pic of my dog on the profile

Asked by Member 1082067 on Jan 5th 2012 in The Dogster Website
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Bruno CGC

Go to your Account page. In the box (slightly down the page) there is the info about Gucci's pet page. On the right there is a link to "manage photos." Click on it. You will go into the photo manager. Click "add photos" and it will show you the rest. You need to have pictures of him available on your computer to upload.

Once you've uploaded them, go back to the photo manager. Look at the numbers in the box to the left of each one. Put a "1" in the one you want as your avatar.

Bruno CGC answered on 1/5/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer