Im in dog grooming school but the teacher says im falling behind and im struggling and idk what to do, iv been here one

month, i honestly do try but they keep talking to me and its really making me feel terrible. iV already paid alot and probably cant quit bc of this reason not that i want to, but theyer making it difficult.. im just wondering if its wrong that im not very good at it in my first month?? idk what to do, i feel like im the only one struggling.

Asked by Member 1123521 on Jul 31st 2012 in Grooming
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Grooming is not for everyone. It is hard work and, not only do you have to please the pet owner but you have to make sure you make the experience a good one for the pet, and work fast enough to be able to groom multiple dogs in a short time period.
If you are falling behind perhaps you need to sit down with your instructors and find out if they believe this is a good career choice for you. If so, perhaps they can provide more hands on experience for you or suggest a way to catch up.
Sadly, if they don't feel this is a viable career choice for you based on your work so far it might be time to do some soul searching.
Since grooming is so dependent on customer satisfaction and word of mouth, it would be very difficult to make a living doing something that you were not skilled at.
Grooming is hard work and long hours for not so great returns. It is not something to enter into if you don't have the skills necessary to succeed.

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Your teachers should be helping you. And grooming is not for everyone. If you keep working at it you should get better at it.

Member 1116541 answered on 8/10/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Patience! Just ask the instructor to show you what to do on one side of dog. Then you do the other side. I have taught many people by using this technique. Most of grooming is handling and love. The rest will come with time and experience. Good equipment that will not cause you problems in the future. I have groomed for 29 years. Still Love my job. Find a shop after finishing school. One that will take on an apprentice. The job is not Glamorous. It can be dirty and Fun. Just stay focused on your love of Dogs and you'll do fine.

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