I'm fostering a 6 mo. old recently spayed lab/border collie (?) mix abt 40lb they gave me adult food. Too young or?

The rescue group I'm fostering this dog for provides the fosters with dry dog food. Being that this dog is a med. breed isn't she too young for adult dog food or will this be ok. Considering what she was being fed or NOT fed as the case was when she was rescued she has probably already adjusted (digestively) to adult food. She and her siblings lived off of eating a lot of grass as well or they would have starved. Is there a way to break her from eating grass as well or is this ok? Perhaps she will stop when she realizes she's fed regularly?

Asked by Member 1123041 on Jul 28th 2012 Tagged small, lab, bordercollie, mix, months, puppyfood, adultfood, which in Pet Food
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As she has only recently getting good food and regular medical care she is sure to have a few lingering problems.

If she is under weight, feed her small frequent meals to keep her stomach settled.

Many parasites can cause stomach upset. She may need to be checked a few times to be sure all are gone.

Eating grass is something dogs do when they have an upset stomach. While food changes, medication and parasites can cause nausea, it may just be a nervous behavior.

Time and a routine of exercise and good food may do the job.

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