Im a 16 year old boy, and i want the perfect puppy. i want a medium sized dog wont shed too much. can anyone help me out

im athletic enough to give any dog his/her exersize and i want a dog who will be my best friend forever. i want to be able to train him well and i would love some help finding my perfect little pup. if anyone has any ideas or any suggestions pleease help me out!!

Asked by Member 1164693 on Apr 11th 2013 Tagged needabreed in Breeds
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How about a Beagle? They're awesome little dogs that are very happy go lucky and loving. They are great with people and usually good with other dogs. They are active dogs with plenty of energy. They are very fun dogs.

Pick up some books on the Beagle, some of the books to pick up would be the Training Your Beagle by Kristine Kraeuter, The Beagle Handbook by Dan Rice and a A New Owner's Guide to Beagles by David Arnold.

Our Beagle World and The American Beagler are two forums that are a must to join to learn about Beagles.

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