if my dog had allergies, wouldnt it they effect his entire body, not just his feet?

his ears are fine, temperature is always fine, nose and mouth area are normal and so is his belly. he just continuously licks or chews the under side of his feet (in between the toes and foot pad). he is always laying outside under pine bushes that we have so his backend gets drier than the rest of his body (fur) but doesnt break out or even get sticky from any sap. some days he bothers with his front feet-other days his back. sometimes just one foot or sometimes all. its a guessing game so to what he will be after from one day to the next. after trying so many things-i have found that athletes foot powder gets him to not only stop licking and chewing but helps to heal his destruction. but i have to do it regularly-which i have no problem doing i would just like to treat the underlying issue. the vets arent much help except for when hes gotten them infected. other wise no one can give me any answers. he is on fish oil tabs and was on brewers yeast but i took him off of them b/c of gas.

Asked by Apollo on Aug 14th 2010 Tagged mites, woundlicking, food, supplements, anxiety, allergies in Skin Problems
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Most foot chewing and licking is the result of a food allergy. The easiest way to find out is to switch to a grain free kibble OR a quality kibble that doesn't contain corn or corn products. Make sure the protein source is different than what you are using now, for example, if you are now feeding chicken and rice, switch to something that doesn't have chicken. It is very important to read the food label as many lower quality foods such as Iams will include chicken meal in their lamb and rice blend, or in their fish blend. Many dogs ARE allergic to chicken and corn, but that doesn't mean your dog couldn't be allergic to something else like beef or lamb.
It will take a month to 6 weeks before you see him stop chewing and licking as it will take that long for the allergins to get out of his system. Remeber to also check the ingredients of his treats... one of my dogs is soo allergic to chicken that she will chew her feet if she only gets ONE chicken flavored dog biscuit. Good luck

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I agree with the first answer, but it can also be boredom. If he isn't getting enough exercise he may take out his built up energy on his paws/toes. Try taking him for a good walk or run and see if he starts licking/chewing his feet soon after you get back. If he does, I would definitely think it is an allergy. If he doesn't until several hours later and looks like he could go out for another walk, I would go with boredom. Dogs don't like to have built up energy so some release it in chewing, others licking, others aggression, others running away, etc. Hope this helps!

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