If I don't see worms in my dog's poop after completing his deworming treatment, does that mean that it didn't work?

The treatment (panacur) was 1 gram everyday for three days. And I'm pretty sure it's roundworms.

Asked by Blizzard on Apr 5th 2009 Tagged worms, deworming, panacur, safeguard, roundworm, medicine, powder, fenbendazole in Worms & Parasites
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In Loving Memory of BOOMER

I would wonder if it wasn't Whipworms you are treating for. There are tablets such as Virbantal and Drontal that would treat for Roundworms (as well as others) that would be less expensive than Panacure.

Since your vet gave you Panacur which is more expensive and is one of the only wormers that treats Whipworms, I would guess that's what your pup had.

If that's the case, you wouldn't see anything in the stool and you should reworm in 3 weeks and 3 months.

Either way, check with your vet about what your pup had and if in doubt drop a stool sample off for them to check.

In Loving Memory of BOOMER answered on 4/5/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Not necessarily. My kitten had worms as I found one in her poop. Brought her to the vet the did a fecel test and it showed alot of eggs about to hatch. So they started her on a worming treatment. They told me to be prepared as there may be lots of worms in her litter box. So I asked if I dont see any worms does that mean she still has worms and its not working? They told me no especially I think if they are still eggs. So I never once saw any worms in her stool. I did another fecel test to make sure and no more worms! :D So maybe do a fecel test a month or so after the treatment just to make sure.

Boston answered on 4/5/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I never self adminster any worm meds.
If I have a puppy he goes to the vet and they use a sample to see what is in it.
Then after that the dog is put on Interceptor and for years I have never had to worry.
For adults I advise the vet and his meds.
There is many different worms.
He could have more than one. And I would go to vet to prevent making the dog sick or the worms to reinfestate over and over from the wrong meds. hope that helps.

Dieta answered on 4/5/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


A fecal sample should be taken to your vet and then he/she will let you know what treatment you should give.
Being pretty sure really isn't good enough when it comes to treating worms. Different treatments for different worms. The meds you buy from the store rarely work, so don't waste your money.
When it comes to completely getting rid of worms, first you need to know what type of worm your dog has, then treat with vet prescript meds.
Have a good one.

♥ DEOGIE ♥ answered on 4/5/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer