If I buy a great dane puppy that both the mom and dad weigh 155lb, how much could he weigh?

Asked by Member 1123363 on Jul 30th 2012 Tagged sizeofpuppy in Great Dane
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He might grow to weigh 155 lbs. He might grow to weigh less than 155 lbs. He might grow to weigh more than 155 lbs. It's a little challenging to predict, unless you have the full pedigree for many generations and know the sizes of all of the dogs.

This happens with humans too - have you ever seen a human child who is much taller, or much shorter, than either of his/her parents? There is more than one gene that contributes to height/weight, and they can combine to produce a wide variety of results.

It's quite possible that many of the pups will grow to be about the same size as the parents - but without knowing what is in other generations, it's also possible to have some puppies smaller, and some larger than that.

Cody is not purebred, but based on his short legs and massive head and body, I am guessing he is not the same size as either of his parents.

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