I would like to take two dog houses to two needy dogs in our area. The shelter they have right now are plastic barrels.

How do I go about giving the owner the houses? Tactfully... I thought I would just say that it's starting to get really cold at night and noticed their dogs' houses and thought they would enjoy these new ones. I'm going to give them two bags of cedar for inside the houses as well. What do you think? They are also chained. I believe the chains are heavy but cannot tell from the road. Maybe I should ask them if they need some new tie-outs as well?

Asked by Chuck on Oct 29th 2012 Tagged donate, donation, house, home, community, service in Answers
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Actually, those 55 gallon plastic barrels are an approved type of housing for dogs and are waterproof, insect proof and windproof, They are normally sized appropriately and unlike a wooden house, they are small enough for the average dog to adequately heat with their body warmth. Plus, unlike a wooden house, they are normally up off the ground with some sort of stand designed to keep them from rolling.
When I managed a local humane society we provided these barrels to those who needed them.
Frankly, if someone brought me dog houses when my dogs were housed with barrels I would be pretty upset with them and likely to tell them to mind their own business.
When I was raising labradors they ALL had plastic barrels for outside doghouses, as well as access to an inside, heated building. They ALL chose to sleep in the barrels instead of inside in the warm kennel.
If I were you I would donate your houses to a local shelter so they could give them to someone who really needs them.

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Beauty and Nala

Agreed Toto, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. i personaly was kept nice and warm in one of these barells with my parents dog when my bro locked me out of the house. I to think that if the general condition of the dogs is good then maybe well enough should be left alone.

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