I would like to know how much fish oil should I give my yorkies?

I have 4 yorkies and they vary in sizes so I would like to know how much oil to give each one. If possible I would like to know how much per Lb. I am having a problem with dry skin with all of them, 1 more than the others. They range from 2 lbs to 7 lbs. and is this the best thing for dry skim?

Asked by Member 934931 on Jan 2nd 2010 in Food & Nutrition
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I hope this helps as it is the guideline I use for my 2 cocker spaniels - one is 20 pounds and the other is 40 and they both have dry skin.

# The proper dosage can vary in accordance with the product that you are using, the size of your dog and the reasons for adding fish oil to the dog's diet. When using fish oil as a preventative supplement, a general guideline for a medium-sized dog (generally between 40 to 60 pounds) would be 1,000 mg of fish oil per day. A smaller dog should receive 500 to 750 mg per day. A large dog should receive 1,500 to 2,000 mg of fish oil per day. When using fish oil as part of a treatment plan for a specific ailment, a larger dose may be necessary. Consult your veterinarian before increasing your dog's dosage: excessive doses can interfere with proper blood clotting.

Jayjay answered on 1/2/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


There are also topical solutions like conditioners that can be used for dry, itchy skin.

Whether this the best thing for dry skin depends on what is causing the dryness.

For instance, if there is a food intolerance issue, it might improve the symptom of dry skin, but the problem would remain.

I'd encourage you to talk to you vet about the skin issues, but more importantly, any time you decide to feed a supplement like this, it is best to get advice from an actual vet to make sure you aren't going to do anything to accidentally harm your dogs.

Fish oil can be great but it has a lot of natural histamine and can cause allergic reactions in some dogs, so you must know what to look for there.

Also, it can be very rich & cause gastric upset or even pancreatitis. A herding dog I know almost died after being accidentally given too much fish oil over a two year period.

A lot to think about here and your vet is the place I'd recommend going for the safest advice. Hope that helps!

Jack answered on 1/3/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer