I would like to find a dog park where Twinkie can run freely without a leash.

Twinkie is a chihuahua/terrier mix whom I adopted from the Spartanburg Humane Society. She loves to run in the house and she sleeps with me. She is a playful little thing and loves people and other dogs. I would love to find a place where she can run to her little heart's delight without a leash and without the fear of her getting hurt.

Thanks. Ruth

Asked by Member 1004905 on Sep 20th 2010 Tagged fun, play, runfree, enclosed in U.S. Southeast
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The best option you have is to build in a fence. However, that is not the cheapest idea. It would be nice so Twinkie can run and play whenever you let her outside, and you won't have to keep her on a leash as long as the fence is securely closed with no large gaps that she can escape from. You do not have to purchase a fence, though. Just a reccomendation.

Do you know of any dog parks near you? Dogster has a very useful "Local" section where you can look you can enter your zip code, and a list of dog parks or any other dog place you are looking for will come up. Check this out:

You can simply enter your zip code, choose the "dog parks and dog runs" category.. and hopefully you can find some close dog parks near you!

I am glad that you want Twinkie to have a place to run. Try to take her for daily walks, preferably longer ones.

Good luck! I hope you find something useful!

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