The Girls

I would like real life Great Dane Advice and Experience Stories, Do you have any?

I am adopting 2 Great Dane girls this weekend and would like any advice any one has to give. I am familiar with the breed but not as an owner. I have researched all the necessary care and feeding info but I would like to know from YOU about foods, feeding and temperament and breed specific training, what do YOU do to prevent bloat and etc... THANK YOU! in advance.

Asked by The Girls on Feb 28th 2012 in Great Dane
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Bruno CGC

There aren't a lot of Dane owners posting here regularly... have you looked at Dane-centric websites and forums? (this one has a forum, don't know how active it is.)

Sorry I can't give you any Dane-specific advice... but these sites are good resources with lots of first-hand experience from Dane owners.

One thing concerns me though... one of the first things you'll read on most puppy-advice pages is "DON'T GET TWO LITTERMATES!" so I worry you might be in over your head. Especially since the puppies you're adopting are both deaf.

That's none of my business I suppose.

Bruno CGC answered on 2/28/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I have never owned a Great Dane before. But I do have some knowledge of the breed. Two Great Danes may be smothering. They are giant dogs. But I am guessing your adopting both of them because they are emotionally attached. To adopt even one Great Dane would be a risk if the owner is not financially stable. They will need a lot of kibble especially when they are growing puppies. They will poop a lot too. I would recommend a Great Dane to an owner with a large home and backyard, who is very active and who is able to devote time to walk them two/three times a day. *Remember a dog is a 15 year commitment. Two dogs will feel like a 30 year commitment. If you really did enough research, you sound like you will be a good guardian for these dogs. Good Luck :) By the way, they are such pretty little girls.

Brooklyn answered on 2/29/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I adopted a nine month Great Dane myself about two years ago! So happy to see others get into the breed...
- Don't give them to much protein! It is a true fact, no matter what you've heard. It causes crazy and dangerous growth in the puppy which can cause later problems. This means NO puppy food.
- I feed twice a day: morning is 1.5 cups, evening is 2 cups.
- If left on their own, Danes can be temperamental. They need exercise, but not right after they eat- wait 30-60 minutes (depending on amount of food received) before activity- Otherwise, you can cause bloat.
-My Dane came with a stomach tack to prevent bloat. This is when a small portion of the stomach is stitched to the side of the dog's body. The stomach still has full function, but can't flop over the intestine and cause bloat. I still keep her resting for about 15 minutes after meals, but it has greatly reduced my worries about sending her to the hospital with a life-threatning condition.
- Start training EARLY!!
Good luck!! :)

Nikki answered on 11/26/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Congrats on the new additions. Let me tell you about my big boy Duke. The day I picked him up I had my four year old grandson with me, they both fit in the booster chair in the back seat. With in 6 weeks, the Grandson didn't recognize him. Kept saying I want to play with the puppy. Hes scared of him now, although the dog has never been aggressive toward him, just the size of him. Danes tend to be leaner, they always want some part of you touching them. He turned a year old at the first of the year, and is approximately 34 inches at the withers, I think hes done growing(hope). He great with my other dogs,and his best friend is cat Tinker Belle, but has had problems with the Horses, seems to think they are just bigger versions of himself, there to play with him. I had to ban him from my bedroom, cause when he gets bored, he licks the sheetrock beside the electrical outlets. He has all his toys and the cats to keep him entertained while I sleep. He hated the crate, but kennel ok

Marmaduke "duke" scooby answered on 3/13/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer