I want to get a golden retriever but I don't know if raising one from a pup is a good idea for me! Help!

I have cancer in my knee and thigh and the only way to get rid of it is to amputate my leg. My mom said that once this is all over I will be able to get a dog. I want to raise it from a puppy and fell in love with golden retrievers. Tell me if you think it is right for me and my family. I live in a two story house with my mom, dad and two younger sisters. We have a smallish backyard but a fair sized front yard and a cul-de-sac full of kids. I also have three cats all of which are mostly outdoor animals. I want to be able to teach the golden retriever to fetch, sit, etc. and I want a companion that loves to play but will also snuggle on the couch with me. It will usually be in a harness if I take him/her for walks and I need it to be able to be trained not to bark or have a go at other dogs as I will be taking it to the farmers market and parks which are full of dogs, kids and people unfamiliar to him/her. Please tell me if you think a golden retriever is the right dog for me!

Asked by Member 1156878 on Feb 25th 2013 Tagged goldenretriever, dogs in Behavior & Training
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Goldens are great dogs. Puppies are a ton of work & time. I suggest you look at rescuing an adult dog. Often these dogs are fostered with families. They can help make you a good match. A dog that is good with cats & other dogs and not still in the teenage phase.

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They are great family dogs. I agree with the other review. Try your local shelters or petfinder. Most rescues are very willing to match people with the right animal. There are a lot of wonderful older dogs who need homes and have a proven temperament.

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Perhaps you can find a group that trains animals for injured or disabled people first and get their advice about this. It would be to your benefit and it will help you to find the right dog for you to train yourself. They are known as service dogs. I myself have cancer of the abdominal area and just adopted a 6 mos. old puppy from the SPCA. I decided to get a dog because I need to get exercise but I cannot do anything strenuous. She has come a long way but it is still a work in progress. Puppies are a lot of work so be very careful choosing the right pup. It will take a lot of discipline from you and be very consistent in the training. I wish you the best of luck. Peace & blessings.

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