I think my dog maybe autistic? Is there a way a can verify with out it being to costly? My dog is 2yrs old in june.

Asked by Member 983584 on Apr 25th 2010 in Other Health & Wellness
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There are some animals that have been deemed autistic by scientists, or at least capable of having the same or similar behavioral markers as autistic people.

I've heard of monkeys being autistic in studies, but then they're much more similar to people.

I'm not saying that your dog is or isn't "autistic" but I think it's far, far more likely that you're simply seeing some kind of behavioral pattern with him that YOU don't understand rather than there being something actually physically wrong with the way his brain processes information.

Unless you have a dog with serious behavioral discrepancies, it's more likely to be that you're just not familiar with the type of behavior that your dog is expressing. I would take him to the vet and ask if you have concerns. If something is not right with him, if he has some kind of serious impairment, the vet will be able to tell you just by observing him. That won't cost more than an office visit charge.

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