I recently purchased an Easy Walk harness-the kind that connects to the leash in the chest instead of the back.

I'm having trouble finding a seatbelt that is compatible with this type of harness. Any suggestions?

Metal ring across chest to prevent pulling

Asked by Member 1113828 on Jun 3rd 2012 in Car Travel
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Bruno CGC

It's easy to put a front-clip harness (like the Easy Walk) on backwards so the clip ring is on the back like a traditional harness. You could then put a carabiner on the ring to attach to the seat belt. When you get to your destination, take it off and put it on again with the ring in the front. Voila!

That or buy a second harness for car safety- the Easy Walk really isn't designed for this purpose and isn't the safest choice, since it's pretty easy for a dog to slip out of and doesn't distribute the force of a sudden stop or acceleration across the chest like car harnesses do. There are many choices of car safety harnesses, and some are quite affordable. I myself own three different dog harnesses for different uses, you don't have to have one that can be everything.

Bruno CGC answered on 6/3/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer