I noticed a thread in a group I belong to is missing/gone. How can we get it back?

The thread was there a couple of days ago and no where to be seen now. It's for an ongoing monthly photo contest and we hate to lose the information already posted for the year. If nothing else, is there a way to contact tech support with Dogster to get help retrieving the thread?

Asked by Pippi on Mar 13th 2013 Tagged missingthread in The Dogster Website
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No one on answers can help with this sort of a problem, we are just members like you. You will need to contact Dogster directly. Just use the contact button at the bottom of every page, including this one.
As you are probably already aware, Dogster was hacked badly last week and lots of forum posts were affected by this mess. Just contact them and most likely, they can help you out.

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