I need vet assistance ASAP my dog is in desperate need of dental work.

She needs 2 teeth pulled. We can't find a vet who will take payments and we are also job hunting as we just moved to Missouri from Nebraska. Any suggestions would be great. I've contacted one group but they need a vet to say yes she needs it. I can't even afford an initial visit to verify it.

Asked by Member 1068517 on Nov 5th 2011 in Dental Care
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Hi I understand your concerns and this economy has affected so many of us.

May I suggest that you google your dogs breed in your town or city for rescue orginizations and rescue groups for her breed. I know here in Ny there are so many of them , my brother belongs to a rescue orginization for Rotties and they have helped many times with issues as yours.

Also, the ASPCA offers help even if it's to verify your dogs issues, after all so many contribute to them and it's for several reasons including yours.

Do ASAP I almost lost my dog due to an infection and they pulled 9 teeth.
do keep us updated
Best of luck

Member 1069277 answered on 11/15/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer