I need to get a pill for inontenceince for my old dog, to help him with his accidents.

he can not hold his urine. he has accidents in the house. thanks. lydia

Asked by Member 1176977 on Sep 28th 2013 in Senior Pet
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This will require a trip to the vet because there are a variety of causes of incontinence in male dogs. Since it may take a few days to a week to get your dog into the vet, make sure that you give him lots of opportunities to go to the bathroom by taking him outside often. Crib sheets and crib pads will protect your furniture or the dog bed. A belly band will confine the urine to a manageable area. Once or twice daily you should bathe the area with soap and warm water to prevent infection and skin damage from urine scald. You should not take water away from him or risk dehydration.

My female dog is spay incontinent and her condition has been improved by taking her out every hour while I am home and coming home from work during my lunch to let her out. If I couldn't do that, I would have to arrange for someone else to do it. She is medicated for spay incontinence, but her meds will be different from your dog's because of their gender.

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Tasha (in memory)

Try pee pads because this is a chronic condition that can improve but will not go away. At least with the pads you will not have to scrub the floor as much; I had a blind cat who trained herself to use them :). I agree that a vet visit is definitely in order, and treat training for no accidents can be a prime motivator. ^_^

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