I NEED HELP!!!I just got another dog A 7yr old shih Tzu and she wont stop peeing in the house!! Ive tried EVERYTHING!!

I got ahold of her old vet and they said she wasn't seen in about 3yrs so I immediately took her in. Everything came back fine and she got all her shots updated.

Asked by Member 1189084 on Sep 8th 2013 Tagged dogwontstoppeeinginthehouse in Behavior & Training
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Is she spayed? Sometimes female dogs get these issues once they are spayed. If not then you might want to keep her in one area of the house. IF you give her run of the entire house to quickly she could just not understand the difference between the entire house being her den and needing to out to potty. Crate training is very helpful and only giving water right before she goes out while potty training is also helpful. You may just have to start from scratch as if she was a puppy. When Charlie was a puppy I did boundary training. He had to stay on the leash in the house and had to walk everywhere I went. He would lay at my feet while I did what I had to do and after a few weeks he was fine. If you cant watch her, crate her. You might need to take the weekend to just take her out every two hours and use a word to go potty with lots of praise when she does it in the right area. Make sure you clean the areas in the house well or she will just keep going potty in the same place.

Charlie answered on 9/23/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer