I NEED HELP WITH MY CHIHUAHUA! My chi has been acting up lately and going to the bathroom wherever it wants. I feel she

My chi has been acting up lately and going to the bathroom wherever she wants. It has nothing to do with an infection. She gets plenty of praise when she goes in her box (she was trained this way when we got her at a year old) first 2 months no problem, all of a sudden she has been going and its right I front of us. Like under our feet, for crying out loud. If you make a lound noise to stop her she just keeps going (even while carrying her to the proper place she keeps letting it out) she knows what she did because once you see it, she puts her head down because she knows she did bad. She gets a lot of attention, and ALOT OF PRAISE. In fact she tries to pretend she went just to get the treat. She'll go over to it make a rustling sound and come running out for a cookie. It took me a bit to pick up on it. She is ruining my rugs, I need this behavior to stop immediately before I become resentful.

Asked by Member 1148614 on Jan 6th 2013 in House Soiling
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So you have had her checked for a UTI already? I would retrain her. Start from the beginning like she was a puppy. Tether her to you so she is watched every second. Crate her in an appropriate size crate when you can't watch her. RUN her to her box when she shows indications that she has to go. Praise her and give her a treat when you SEE her go in the right spot. She is sneaky so make sure! There is no need to become resentful. Get an enzymatic cleaner and a black light to clean up any accidents thoroughly.

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