I live in Mass I have a GSD puppy and am looking for a service dog in training cape size small/med cheap or free

Asked by Member 1095700 on Feb 27th 2012 Tagged servicedogequipment, servicedogintraining, apparel, vests, capes, tags in Forums
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Bruno CGC

try a google search. Lots of discount pet supply places have vests/harnesses. Ebay often has them. Here's the cheapest one that came up on a search: It's 25 dollars.

If you sew, it would be pretty easy to make one, here is a pattern and it costs less than 10$ for materials:

Or post on craigslist in "Pets" to see if anyone has one they don't need anymore.

I am assuming that you are actually training this pup to be your service dog... It is WRONG WRONG WRONG to misrepresent your pet as a service dog to be able to take them places. And please don't take your pup out in public until their basic obedience is very good, it makes ALL Service Dogs look bad to have one misbehaving one. I hope you are working with a professional trainer.

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