I have two male dogs who lick eachother's penis,howw to get them to stop and why do they do that. one dog is 8yrs old an

8yr old sheltie and 11 month yr old doxie.

Asked by Member 1018058 on Jan 5th 2011 in Behavior & Training
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I'm sorry, but that question was HILARIOUS!! Like any habit you find unbecoming, teach them not to do that and hopefully they will discontinue. I guess it's like biting, only this is behaviour is frowned upon amongst humans, but I guess a dog just doesn't care. This is a great example of why NOT to let a dog (animal) lick your face. I'm only making light of the question because my moms Weimaraner was doing that to my Miniature Pinscher. Of course I smacked Simon; the Weimaraner because I felt he violated Pinto (my dog) lol

Pinto answered on 1/5/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer