I have three terriers, two Border and a rescue crossbreed. My fifteen year old crossbreed is very ill, heart, kidneysetc

Borders Betty & Mabel have been very involved in Ruby's long illness, they now what 'poorly' and 'vets' means, they know she has to have medication and special food and extra attention and have been great about it. It's just me and them at home and we're very close, they sleep on the bed etc. I know they don't see things the way we do and don't want to overthink this but I don't want them to think Ruby has been banished for being naughty and become mistrustful of me, especially as I'm planning to have her euthanised at home and then taking her to a local crematorium myself later on because I want to keep her ashes.

Asked by Member 1086015 on Jan 15th 2013 Tagged petbereavement in Loss of a Pet
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I would let the other dogs see her after she's passed, before you take her to the crematorium. That way they have some sense of what happened to her. If she just leaves and they don't know what happened, then they will be looking for her. Some dogs understand death and some don't. Koby understood when Jaxey passed, but Kali was depressed for months. Good luck and sorry your going to have to lose a friend.

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