I have Shih Tzu that has a non-itchy rash.It looks like little red pimples all over that drain,dry up and scale.

My 9 yr old Shih Tzu has a rash with reddish pimples that drain and become scaley. It doesn't seem to itch. Her hair looks dull. She gets Omega 3 pills. She has been on an antibiotic and prednisone. It almost all cleared up. When she finished the antibiotic but was still on prednisone, the rash came back about a week later. The antibiotic helps, but not the prednisone. From this discription, does any one have an idea what it could be. She has had 2 different lab panels that came out OK. The next thing they will check is for Cushings. She plays and acts like there is nothing wrong. She eats and drinks like normal. This has been going on since about November. We changed her diet from Science Diet I/D to D/D about a month ago thinking it was a food allergy. Can anyone help me.

Asked by Member 1025185 on Mar 1st 2011 Tagged nonitchy, pimples, scaley, wholebodyrash in Skin Problems
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Still could be food, try a grain free such as Blue Buffalo Wilderness canned or Taste of the Wild.

Halo answered on 3/2/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Where is the rash at? Sometimes dogs can develop rashes like this on the flea medicine areas (neck and base of tail). I would suggest giving her a good bath, clean the rash area well to get rid of dry skin and goo. Then apply PETfection Deodorizer/Allergy Spray or Hot Spots/Wound Spray. Both are 100% Organic and Non Toxic and work wonders at healing these types of things. They will help reduce the inflammation, help moisturize, and help block out infection. I use them both for all kinds of things and have had excellent luck. Check them out at for more info. Hope this helps!!

Petri answered on 3/4/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer