I have an extremely aggressive dog, and I'm expecting a baby. I love my dog so much...what are my options? Please help!!

Please help...I need advice. My 13-year-old Husky mix is extremely aggressive with dogs, children, and strangers. He has viciously attacked other dogs and bitten people. We have done training schools and private training, and, well, he made some small steps, but he can never be let in public without a muzzle. However, now I'm pregnant and I'm terrified of him attacking the baby.

Please .... I don't want to euthanize a dog who is perfectly healthy. But I know no shelter would take him, and giving him away would break his heart and mine. What can I possibly do?? The only other option I can think of is removing all his teeth. It sounds horrible, and possibly too expensive, but how could I live with myself if I euthanize a perfectly healthy dog?

Please help...I want to hear from people who have had similar dogs. Please don't tell me behavior modification will work. I have had many dogs and this one, unfortunately, will not be safe around a baby, not EVER, as much as it breaks my heart.

Asked by Member 1172643 on May 29th 2013 Tagged aggression, children, baby in Aggression
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