I have an English Bulldog and lately he will start licking his nose over and over for about 5 min. Any ideas why?

Asked by Member 794404 on Jan 19th 2009 Tagged noselicking in Health & Wellness
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Oh, the mysteries of bulldogs! They always keep us guessing!

Here's the usual questions I would ask in a case like this:
Does his nose rope/nose fold need cleaned out? Is his nose dry from the heat being on in the cold? Any changes in food, eating habits, water intake? Any stress triggers that may have surfaced recently, or any major stress inducing changes in the home lately? Is he itchy, bored, or being silly?

If you can answer yes to any of those questions, try altering whatever might change those answers to no (not enough room for me to detail it out on here). I'd start with a good rope cleaning, and put some A&D ointment in there if you think it might help, and then work down the list. If nothing else seems to be causing it, it may just be a new thing he picked up from another dog (some dogs do this out of habit and boredom) or you could check with your vet to see if they have suggestions specifically for your baby.

Good luck!

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