I have an 8 month old neutured Miniature Pinscher and I don't know how much of food should I give him?

I give him Pro Plan kibbles and I don't know how much should I give him? When should I start to give him adult food?

Asked by Vivaldi on Aug 8th 2010 Tagged food, miniaturepinscher, minpin, proplan, monthold in Pet Food
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Feed the amount so that he is not fat, and not thin. Sorry I can't be more specific... it depends on breed, activity level, age, outside temperature, etc.
You can switch him to adult food now, if you want. By eight months a small dog has probably reached its adult height, and will only fill out a little bit more.

Try the amount of food suggested on the bag for an ADULT dog of his weight (of an adult dog food) and adjust from there.

The dogster 'Food and Nutrition" is a great source of food help and info as well.

Maggie answered on 8/9/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Vivaldi should be eating adult dog food by the time he is 12 months old. He should be fine on the puppy formula right now. Purina Pro Plan should have a label on how much to feed him on the back of the package. It depends on how old your puppy is and how much he weighs. Usually, puppies his age get fed twice a day.. in the morning, and in the evening.

I would also suggest that you switch him to a higher quality dog food for great nutrition. Purina doesn't use great ingredients, but foods like Wellness, Blue Buffalo and Canidae do. Make sure that you switch the foods gradually if you decide to do this, but that is all up to you.

I hope this helped and that you find out how much to feed your dog. He is really cute!

Buckeye answered on 8/9/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


What's really in pet food? -

I highly recommend you switch to a better dog food.

Purina is a horrible brand to feed.

Dog food brands to stay away from:

Ol' Roy
Royal Canin
Science Diet

There are too many more bad brands to stay away from.

Dog foods I highly recommend:

Merrick B.G.
Solid Gold

Stay away from ingredients like -

Caramel color
Artifical flavorings & colors
Potato product
Wheat mill run
Cane molasses
Animal fat

There are so many more bad ingredients to stay away from.

My dog's have a few bowls of food sitting out all day. But, if you want to go on a schedule for his food, then I recommend you feed Vivaldi two cups of food a day.

Member 930032 answered on 8/10/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer