I have an 11 week old Australian Cattle dog who likes nipping people. I was told to squeeze her muzzle and firmly tell h

Asked by Member 1142616 on Nov 27th 2012 Tagged cattledog, bikting in Puppies
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Even though you got cut off..STOP squeezing her muzzle & telling her firmly no!
Always have an appropriate chew toy. When she nips, redirect her to the toy. If she does nip, yelp LOUDLY, then withdraw attention for about a minute. Turn your back, ignore, put her in a safe room. Then resume play. Do this consistently. She learns nipping+fun stops. No nipping=lots of play

Member 904338 answered on 11/27/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


To back up Wiley... Don't expect holding the muzzle to help.

Herd dogs will tend to be more nippy, it is part of the purpose the dog was bred for.
Train your dog to an alternate acceptable behavior by using food rewards for licking or just a nose touch.
If puppy uses teeth or claws, remove yourself and the food reward for a minute, then try again. Do this a dozen times a day at least to help puppy learn faster.

Sonny answered on 11/28/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


r dog was bred to HERD she is doing what she is was made for, that being said people are not cows. I have a Miniature Australian Shepherd, also a herder. Transferring her attention to a toy COULD work but if your pup is anything like mine, she will think nipping is more fun. When you encounter a person have her on a leash, if she goes for the heels, pull her to you and say "Leave it!" When she ignores the person, give her a treat and praise. Also ask the person to ignore her until she is no longer nipping, then they can pet her and give her a treat. Another thing I use is a squirt bottle with water in it, put it on the stream setting. Whenever my pup goes to nip he gets a squirt and "Leave it!" command. This gets his attention. Looks like your catching this early enough that you should be in a good s spot to "nip" this behavior in the bud. Obedience training is also a fantastic idea, Petsmart's training is afordable and pretty good. Good luck!

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