I have a year-old black mini-schnauzer. His leg furnishings are soft and brownish.

This appears to be a serious faults at conformation shows. Can anyone help me to improve the quality of the furnishing. A schnauzer breeder told me to fully strip (by plucking)the legs and after 6 months they will grow black and harsh.
Another breeder advised me to pluck the furnishing every day but not in full. I really do not know what to do because I would like to continue taking my dog to shows but I am not ready to pay the price of full stripping of the legs.

Thank you

Asked by Member 989640 on Jun 1st 2010 in Professional Grooming
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By plucking the legs, you rip out the hair and damage the follicle. In theory, the hair may grow back from the damaged follicle coarser since the opening of the follicle has now changed and the bulb of the hair would be a different shape coming out.

But this is just a theory and since the hairs all grow at different rates, the chances of it happening within 6 months is questionable.

It might work, but personally, I'd not pluck the hair off any dog for any reason, particularly that of "correcting" his markings.

Would you like someone to pluck your hair out at the roots for six months on end because you didn't look the way someone expected you to look?

Enjoy your beautiful dog the way he is.

Jack answered on 6/1/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Just wait awhile. Sophie is almost 2 and is still changing colors.She was almost most black at a year. She's now a very salt and pepper mini.

Sophie answered on 6/1/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


What does the breeder of YOUR puppy advise??? Many things like leg furnishings are hereditary and if your dog comes from parents with little or no furnishings, no amount of plucking is going to change what isn't in the genes. In order to compete in the show ring with any terrier you are going to need to have the dog's coat stripped... And, it needs to be done a little at a time, as the hairs loosen up and are ready to come out. The first place to go for help of this nature is your breeder... they should know their own lines and be best able to advise you as to the proper timing with the stripping and the correct way to do it. I am not that up on schnauzer show grooming but I thought only the body coat was stripped to remove the undercoat...leg furnishings are allowed to grow and are trimmed with scissors as necessary. I guess you need to attend a few more shows and talk to some more people about how to handle the furnishings.

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