I have a very picky, overweight 5 yr old chi-weenie who REFUSES to eat dry kibble. Can anyone recommend a nutritious can

I am at wit's end, and don't want him to be hungry....Also I have heard that can food is better than dry kibble because of the high protein low carb content. But my husband and I are on a fixed income, so finding a healthy but tasty can food is proving difficult.

Asked by Member 1147884 on Jan 2nd 2013 Tagged food, pickyeaters in Food & Nutrition
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Premium canned food and kibble both have their pros and cons, but both provide the proper nutrition for your dog. One's really not better than the other, but if you ask 10 different people their opinion on the matter, be prepared for 10 different answers. :-)

Unfortunately, in most cases, canned diets cost more than buying a bag of kibble. If you're on a tight budget, it may not be the best option for you.

Depending on what you're willing to spend, you can look into the Innova EVO Weight Management line. They come in both canned and dry. Their canned foods tend to run a little cheaper than other comparable brands. Natural Balance makes a 'Reduced Calorie' canned and dry food that are pretty decent and a little more affordable.

What may help, too, is to implement portion control for your dog, and cut down on any outside-of-mealtime snacks. If you feed a higher quality food, you can cut the portions down pretty significantly while still ensuring your pup's getting a full tummy.

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You might try Nature's Variety raw dog food. You can freeze it an just scoop some directly out of the bag without the chunks freezing together.

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Your dog is picky because it is too fat and because you are probably trying to tempt it with "new" foods or "better" foods. Help your dog lose weight by walking it more and playing fetch, tug or other games. Buy a good-quality kibble (Innova is great but also Taste of the Wild is good) and don't give your dog ANYTHING ELSE to eat ever. I promise he will eat kibble eventually and not starve unless it has problems with its teeth. I have a 13-pound dog who gets a quarter cup of food twice a day. No more. How much are you giving him?

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