i have a staffy from the rspca, she nibbles/bites when people come and when we leave her she pulls and chews things.

My dog is 4 years old now she is a staffy cross with a labardor. when people visit she jumps and nibbles/bites them however it doesnt hurt only for some people. we have noticed that recently when we go out and leave her indoors she tends to destroy things, we put a gate up so she couldnt get to these things but she tried to pull the gate off. what is wrong with her?

Asked by Member 1152103 on Jan 27th 2013 Tagged bite, chew, jumps in Chewing
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Crate train her (the crate is a wonderful safe place to chill out) so she can't destroy your house. Teach her to sit to greet people and that biting is not acceptable. She needs chew toys that she CAN chew on like stuffed Kongs.
Dogs like to be with their people and she misses you. This can develop into separation anxiety. Start desensitizing her to your leaving very slowly.
Enroll her in a dog training class. is a wonderful site for more information

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