I have a shiba inu. I really want to re-home for her. somebody help me? I need help by 19th August.

She is a 10 years old female dog. I adopted her a year ago. I should move out, but my new apartment doesn't allow a dog. I was trying to find a owner, but it doesn't work well. I don't have a much time and really don't want to send her back to a shelter. Please help me.

Asked by Member 1125910 on Aug 15th 2012 Tagged rescue in Shelters & Rescue
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A dog is a lifelong committment. I am disappointed you did not realize this. Poor dog..uptooted twice in what should be her golden years.
Contact a shiba rescue in your area.
Answers is NOT a venue for rehoming dogs. We have had a rash of these questions recently. HQ needs to monitor better.
Dogster is for the "love of dogs" not a convenient "let's give my dog to a total stranger" venue.

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