I have a shepherd, boxer, lab cross who is a barker...

but it's not the barking that really bothers us. usually she barks at people walking by or other dogs she sees...the problem we are having, is she barks (and this is a high pitched bark) at light shadows that come from our doors and windows..she even barks at her own tail shadow...she will sit there and bark non stop...she will go to the door seeming as though she wants to come in...and when we go to let her in, she races down to where the door will make the light move and wait for it while barking. It is very hard on the ears and i am sure it bothers our neighbors...we have tried everything, but she just won't stop...any suggestions?

Asked by Member 963912 on Jun 9th 2010 in Barking
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It sounds as though you may have a very bored dog and she is inventing games for herself. I would definitely up the exercise, including some mental games as well. A tired dog is way less likely to be a barking dog since they are content and resting.

Member 641257 answered on 6/9/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


So, you are keeping her outside? dogs who are kept outside unattended are extremely bored and will bark at nothing at times.
It is best to give your dog individual attention, walks, frisbee, swimming, ball throwing and other activities to keep them occupied.
Your neighbors will become agitated at the barking and you will get in trouble and the dog might be the bad guy to all. I would try to not let the dog be outside alone also.
But, I really think your dog is extremely bored and is using her barking to get attention, even though , the attention from you and others are negative at least she is getting it.
not trying to be mean just sounds like this is what is going on by what you just wrote.
good luck, invest in more time with her that is quality and some nice dog toys to interact with her with.

Dieta answered on 6/9/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer