I have a Saluki that has a shoulder injury........I took her to the vet, as an emergency a couple weeks ago.

No xrays were taken and the opinion of the vet was no dislocation, likely soft tissue......she prescribed anti-inflammatory I declined and prescribed rest. I took her to her favorite spot yesterday, expecting she would either run pain free, or ???? She took off, and there were a couple small yelps, and probably reached a quarter of her speed, and when she would come to a stop, or when she would reach a certain speed, I could see her lift the leg, in avoidance of pain or stress......however, she clearly acknowledged she had reached a limit. Which was a good thing.

Of course the "injury" is infinitely better than when it occurred: Incidentally the injury occurred just in running and stopping, no impacts, so the injury was the result of a plant and twist of some kind: at 40+ miles an hour. She is off the hook fast and agile.

I'm wondering if anyone out there has crossed this bridge, Saluki specific would be optimal, and how it went, healing time, or ultimate discoveries as causal.

Asked by Salook on Jul 15th 2013 in Emergencies & First Aid
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Pineapple Smushface

Go to and contact people in your local breed club for breed-specific information. There must be sal owners out there whose dogs have experienced muscular injuries, and then you can get their take if not giving the medicine is the right course of action for your dog, especially in case of reocurrence. ^_^

Pineapple Smushface answered on 2/3/14. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer