I have a pitbull I'm told she has papers can I search under her name

I rescued my pitbull, she is awesome, I've been told she has papers on her she is worth whatever it takes to get them

Asked by Member 1076685 on Dec 10th 2011 Tagged akc, breed, bloodline in Adoption & Rescue
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Bruno CGC

The only way to get her papers is to contact her former owner, or the owner of her parents if she was never individually registered. Then the registration can be transferred to you and the registry will send you new papers- the owner of record has to sign the transfer form. If you can't find them, or they won't do it, you're out of luck. I think this is the correct form for UKC registration:

If you are not breeding or showing (and I hope not, if you really "rescued" her! No reputable rescue group adopts out sexually intact animals) papers really aren't necessary. You can enter performance events through AKC and UKC with PAL/ILP registration (for purebred, altered dogs without papers.)

And of course she's still a great dog, with or without any fancy "papers".

Bruno CGC answered on 12/10/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer